Needed: Clergy

Our churches need clergy. They have pastors, they need clergy. What I mean is that they need multiple people serving them in Word and Sacrament ministry. Volunteer organists, choir directors, youth leaders, etc., are the beginnings, but they are not enough.
We need theologically trained, vocationally specified clergy. An organist who has studied theology, or is studying theology and musci, not just the gal who can play. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not begrudging volunteer orgainsts (my wife is one). They’re wonderful and they have picked up the slack the pastors have allowed to gather. But in the end, we need churchmen.
Two or three per parish (at least the small ones) would be sufficient. They wouldn’t preach, unless they been certified to preach by the larger church, and they wouldn’t consecrate the elements or baptize, that for the called and ordained to do. But the congregation would “ordain” or “consecrate” these men to serve the congregation in theological capacities such as music and teaching.
Pastors ought to be gathering such men to their congregations, from within or without. A man in the congregation who is interested in church and theology might be approached to be the cantor or lector or sacristan. These would be paid positions. No volunteers in the strict sense of the word. You pay them what they are worth.
The clergy would then truly be serving the congregation rather than one over-run man with far too many things to do and people to see even as he is organizing music and organists, VBS and Christmas Programs, etc, etc, etc.
Now someone will say, isn’t that a Director of Parish Ministries? Maybe, but I think these men ought to be seen more as those who are in the pastoral office rather than some adjacent office of an off-shoot coorprate wannabe church. If we sound like church maybe, just maybe, we’ll begin to see ourselves as the Church rather than just another denomination. Bravado does have it’s place.


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