At it again…

I have not written anything since October. Not because there is nothing to write, but because I’m lazy. Also because I don’t think many people read this. Neither reason is a good one. I (all theologians) should write as words are my tools as the hammer is the tool of the carpentar. Anyway, I’m going to try to put up one post a week to help myself. If it helps others, great, if not, sorry. Another pitfall I think we theologians fall into is that we tend to think that everything we write must be earth shattering and able to move mountains. Yes, I’ll probably count this post as my one for this week…lazy I tell you, lazy.


2 Responses

  1. Earth shattering or has already been said countless times. Write on write on in majesty. It will help my thinking of thoughts.

  2. Then for you, Larry, I write.

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