This We Believe

If you’re a pastor in the LCMS, then you most likely recieved a copy of a book entitled, “This We Believe: Selected Topics of Faith and Practice in The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod”.
After perusing the pages, reading some more of the hot-topic entries, I think this book can be useful. It’s not doctirnal study or evanglical call to faith, but it does set out in clear, unambiguous terms what the synod has passed in resolution and what it has not in regard to the covered topics (which are quite a few).
I think it can be used, for example, with promoting weekly communion. It shows that in 1995 the synod, in convension, resolved to encourage congregations to pursue such a practice as offering Holy Communion every Lord’s Day. It won’t win the day, but it may provide some much needed third-party opinion on the matter.
There are other topics that may also be useful for such debates as Women’s Ordination, Close(d) Communion, etc. Again, it’s not a savior, but it is another tool to be used.
I have not yet read the parts about Church and Ministry.


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  1. It looks like it will be a helpful refeence book to be used occasionally.

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