Nothing doing…

I don’t really have an idea to write about, I’m just trying to form the habit of writing.  But in case YOU have nothing to think about, think about this:

Every parish needs at least 3 ordained/consecrated men, one being a fully trained theologian who serves as the chief pastor; two being consecrated /ordained deacons who assist in the Divine Service, hold daily offices (at least on occasion), and most importantly, help care for the sick and shut-in.  These would not be associate pastors or assistant pastors, but deacons.  Like it or not, LCMS, the Scriptures clearly show a hierarchy among the holy office.

If the parish is big enough (I’d say 100 average worship), she should have two deacons and three sub-deacons who are given the responsibility of 10 to 20 families each.  The sub-deacons, would also assist in the Divine Service (maybe as Crucifer and Gospel Bearer) and would visit their families yearly if not every 6 months.

The reason all these men should serve in the Divine Service is to make their public service to the congregation known.  They would be part of the ministry.  Their faculties would be limited (no celebration of the Holy Supper, no ordinary baptisms, they wouldn’t preach or hear confession) but their service would direct the people to the Divine Service.  They wouldn’t be babysitters or caretakers, but men consecrated (set aside) to assist in the ministry of the word.


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