I Will Be With You Always…

Our Lord promises His apostles that He will be with them always (Matt. 28).  That means, Christian, to be where Jesus has promised to be you need to be where the apostles are.  You are with Jesus by being with the apostles (Acts 2); by hearing their preaching and receiving from them what they received from the Lord. Without the gathering you stand apart from those to whom Jesus said, “Surely I will be with you always, even unto the close of the age.”  If you are not with those who have been given the kingdom, how shall you also inherit the kingdom?  See you at the gathering.


2 Responses

  1. So, is the gathering the place to be because of the apostle’s teaching preserved in the Word, or because the pastor is the “apostle?”

  2. Maybe a little bit of both. Certainly current ministers are not apostles, but they minister in the ministry of the apostles; it is the Apostolic Ministry. On the other hand, if the minister refuses (on purpose or in ignorance) to ignore the apostolic doctrine, then he is a false shepherd who is anathama.

    “…teaching preserved in the Word…” The teaching is the Word, it is not preserved in the Word, as if the teaching and the Word can be separated. Of course, Jesus is the Word of the Lord made flesh, and the apostolic word is the witness to the Word of the Lord made flesh. Thus we preach Christ and Him crucified.

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