Praying with the Elect

The Lord Jesus prays for all those who believe and will believe through the words of the apostles.  They are the elect.  Jesus prays for the elect.  He shortened this miserable tribulation for the sake of the elect.  He died for everyone.  This way all are without an excuse before the judgment throne of God.  “Here, here you have the propitiation for your sins, here you have your righteousness, yet you denied Him!  Now I deny you.  Depart from me you accursed and go into the fire prepared for the devil and his angels.” (much paraphrasing)

But God has chosen a remnant to be saved.  And when the number of the Gentiles is full, then all Israel will be saved since those who have faith are the Israel of God, the descendants of Abraham.  This is the Bride, the Church, the elect.  She is the apple of His eye.  His beloved.  And she is complete.  The fulness of time has come upon us, the kingdom is here.  We don’t live in the same world as Noah and Moses and Joshua, son of Nun.  Something has changed: the Son of Mary has ascended and the resurrection is upon us.  But then, the resurrection has been since the foundation of the world since He is the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.  The elect have always been the elect.  The kingdom has always been.

So when we pray the Our Father, when the elect pray, when Christ prays (He Himself also being elected by God) as our brother and High Priest, we pray for the elect.  Regardless of whether they have yet to come to faith and be baptized.  Regardless of whether they are yet born, even as our Lord prayed for us long before we were born or were baptized or had faith.  When we pray to our Father in heaven we pray with all the saints, past, present, and future because Jesus is I AM.

I thought when I began this little post that I was on to something earth shattering and fantastic – and it is, to be sure – but now I see that it is also rather obvious and – dare I say – commonplace.  Not that it is not fantastic and beyond understanding, it is that and more.  But it belongs to the kingdom and so is ours already.


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  1. Well ordinary and commonplace are the very stuff of which God makes the extra-ordinary. It is in the humblest truths and the simplest items that the mystery is made manifest. Bread and wine, water and word, simple guys like you and me, a handshake of peace, a smoke of brotherhood, Of such as these is the Kingdom forged for it is in and through these that we meet Jesus

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