The Son of Man Cometh

In Matthew 10, the evangelist records Jesus sending out the Twelve.  With no money, no extra tunic, no extra clothing they are to go out and proclaim the kingdom of heaven is near, healing diseases, casting out demons, and even raising the dead; sure and certain signs that the Lord is with them.
As sheep in the midst of wolves are the Sent Ones, the Apostles of the Lord.  Yet there is promise. For most truly they will not have gone through all the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.
Now one can take this as a future event; that the Apostles are still going from town to town in their writings and preaching office – and so they are! fulfilling the Apostolic Commission given in Matt. 28 – that the Son of Man will come at the close of the age – and so He will!  But it may very also comfort the poor preacher as he preaches and is devoured by wolves and sees little or no fruit for all his labor.  For here he has the promise of the One who sent him that he will indeed see the Son of Man coming on clouds in great power.  The Son of Man comes when and where the Father sends Him, healing and saving those the Father draws to the Son, breathing out His Spirit through Baptism and ordination, establishing His kingdom and rule.  Of this the apostle and preacher is forerunner and herald.
So take heart, preachers, those who sit in the apostles’ seat.  You will not have preached in vain but you will see the Son of Man coming before you have been exhausted beyond yourself.  Truly, truly, the Son of Man will come before you have preached to the last soul you see.  And when He comes, He will come with great power and great might, healing every dread disease, bringing cool water to the desert’s burning sand, casting out demons, and feeding you with the very Bread of Peace.


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