On Humility

Our Lord rode into the holy city in humility. But it wasn’t the donkey that made Him humble.

Most of us try to be humble. Most of try not to draw attention to our work or efforts. We try to be satisfied with a “well done” or “atta-boy” or “good job”. But this is really feigned humility. It’s not really humility at all. It’s false humility.

But it’s not false humility because inside we are really glorying in and desirous of the praise we get, even lusting after more praise and honor for our work and efforts. Our Lord wasn’t humble because He was satisfied with the praise He received and because He wanted no more praise, or because He was hoping to go rather unnoticed. Our Lord was humble because He was obedient.

True humility is in obedience. And true obedience is in submission.

Above all, the Lord rode into the holy city on a donkey, on a colt of a donkey, a beast of burden, because that’s the sort of King He is, not to show how humble He is, not taking power to Himself. It is what was written of Him, so He submitted to the Scriptures, to the will of the Father. Our Lord is humble because He always does what is given to Him to do. He always does the will of the Father. His humility is His obedience.

We are not humble. We do not do our duty. Consider your place in life according to the Ten Commandments. Are you a father, mother, son, daughter, husband, wife, or worker? Have you been disobedient, unfaithful, or lazy? Have you been hot tempered, rude, or quarrelsome? Have you hurt someone by your words or deeds? Have you stolen, been negligent, wasted anything, or done any harm? You have been and done all these things. And you have considered yourself humble because you have convinced yourself and others that you do not seek the praise of men.

But what father ought not be praised by his sons as a good father? What wife ought not be praised by her husband and a good wife? What worker ought not be recognized for being a good worker? To receive praise and honor is not to lack humility. After all, our Lord received much and great praise on honor when He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. He received praise and honor because of who He is and what He does. He is the King of Israel, and He comes with salvation.

He submitted to the Father’s will, not considering equality with God a thing to be stolen. He humbled Himself even unto death on a cross. He submitted. And He is glorified.


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  1. Good article. You really know how to hurt a guy. Thanks.

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